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Port Moody, British Columbia


Dr. Mark Parhar DMD, MSc., Dip. Endo, FRCD(C), Certified Specialist in Endodontics


Dear Colleagues and Patients,

I want to thank you all for your continued patience and understanding during this difficult time. We were fortunate that the effect of COVID-19 was low in BC compared to other areas and hopefully there will be a continued decline in the presence of the virus. 

As announced by the Provincial Health Officer this month, dental offices will be able to operate as part of the next phase of the re-openings. We know many of you have been tolerating toothaches and related dental issues so we are encouraged that we will be able to treat you to resolve these. We have been given guidelines from the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia which was written with the Provincial Health Officer and WorkSafe BC. We will be following the guidelines in our return to practice.

We will be making every effort to protect our patients and staff before we start seeing patients again. The necessary supplies (Personal Protective Equipment PPE) and equipment have been purchased and our staff has been trained with our new protocols. The safety of our team and patients is the top priority and we are adapting to these new protocols.  We are booking patients starting June 1, 2020 and we have had to modify our schedule to conform with the practice guidelines. We have allocated extra time to perform each procedure in the safest way possible and to allow extra time for the disinfection/sterilization procedures.

We have many patients who had treatment started before March 16, 2020, and we will be prioritizing these patients first as the treatment needs to be completed before a further infection develops. We will also prioritize true dental emergencies.  We will be screening the referrals to make sure we are seeing patients in pain that require root canal treatment. We ask you to be patient during this time as we have limited time slots available in our schedule due to the restrictions in the guidelines but we will do our best to meet your needs and see you resolve your toothache and/or infection.

I want to thank you all greatly for your ongoing patience during this time and with the changes that we all will be enduring.  We look forward to speaking with you and seeing you soon!!! 

Be safe and healthy.

Warm regards,

Dr. Mark Parhar and the staff at Tri-City Endodontics


Dr. Mark Parhar
Welcome to Tri-City Endodontics

Thank you for choosing our office to help meet your endodontic needs. If you are visiting us, it probably means that you were told that you need a root canal.  Well, don't be nervous. We pride ourselves in making your care relaxed and comfortable. We are here to help.  We are an endodontic specialty practice dedicated to exceptional care using state of the art technology.

Our goal is to make no compromises in the quality of your evaluation and treatment.  We will treat you with compassion, making sure you are comfortable every step of the way.   We will spend as much time as needed to obtain the highest quality result.  Finally, we will use the safest, state of the art technology and advanced techniques to ensure success and maximize your comfort. Our office is designed with your comfort in mind and we have created a tranquil, welcoming environment to help you feel at ease.  Please explore our webpage to learn more about us. If you are a new patient or a referring dentist, please call our office at 604-492-3034 to obtain your login information. 


Practice Profile

Excellence   Compassion     Integrity

These are the founding principles of our office. We are committed to excellence in every sense. We are a quality-centered office committed to caring for our patients and providing the highest level of service and care possible.  

My office is designed with the latest technology in our field. I will utilize a dental operating microscope which is central to the practice of competent clinical endodontics, and without it, I cannot provide the best possible care for the patient. The microscope provides increased magnification and lighting for all procedures. This allows us to work very precisely and efficiently so that we can provide high-quality treatment.

I utilize digital cameras with my microscope to take photographs of every case. I am very passionate about photography.  These highly detailed photographs will help educate both you and your referring dentist, on the treatment that was rendered to you.


mircroscopic root canal therapy

My office is set up with the very best radiographic imaging in dentistry.  Digital radiograph sensors are used to take x-rays and this has several advantages.  The image quality produced is excellent, while the radiation dose is greatly reduced compared to conventional non-digital x-rays. In addition, no development of the x-rays is required and the images are available to view on our computer monitors just in a few seconds.  I will spend the time to discuss your x-rays with you so you understand any potential problems that may exist.

To supplement the conventional x-rays, I utilize a cone-beam computed tomography scanner (or CBCT) to take very powerful 3-D images when needed.  This unit allows me to see your teeth and surrounding bone in greater detail, which aids in diagnosis as well as during treatment. Once again these images can be displayed on our computer monitor and I can show you the various aspects of the imaging to allow you to visualize any issues with your teeth.  In addition, if you or your dentist would like a copy of the 3-D imaging, we can quickly make you a disc with the images available to view at any time.

We are committed to providing the highest quality care possible for you as that is what you deserve.   We are continually striving to improve as we feel you the patient deserves the very best from us.

CBCT 3 Dimensional Technology

Focused field cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) allows complete visualization in all three planes of the tooth/bone with ultra low radiation. A typical CBCT scan produces about the same amount of radiation as 3 digital dental x-rays.  Although much information can be obtained from a quick glance at a 2 dimensional radiograph, a CBCT 3 dimensional scan must be properly oriented and manipulated to be able to extract the valuable information from it.  Dr. Parhar has been using CBCT imaging for 8 years and has a great deal of experience in understanding the imaging, which is paramount to gaining accurate information to aid in diagnosis and treatment. He is constantly updating his knowledge base for CBCT imaging by partaking in advanced courses.